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indiana-pa-15701-oil-gas-mineral-lawyersHolsinger, Clark & Armstrong, P.C. (“HCA”) is located in Indiana, Pennsylvania, a “gas patch” hotspot for the past twenty years.  As a result, we have gained extensive experience in Oil, Gas & Mineral law.  The firm has represented land and mineral owners, coal companies, gas companies, and drilling companies in disputes and in the formation of leases, agreements, easements and rights-of-way.

Pennsylvania, and specifically western and central pennsylvania, is seeing a dramatic change in the natural gas industry due to new exploration efforts in the Marcellus Shale play.  Competition among the energy companies in the exploration and development of this resource continues to create significant opportunities for land/mineral owners.  HCA is committed to aiding land/mineral owners with representation built on years of experience dealing with issues in leasing, drilling activities, surface use, and gas production.


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